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Frequently Asked Questions


How do I get started?
Stop by our store located at 1414B Rangeline St, Columbia, MO or call us at (573) 442-3483. We will be glad to answer any questions you might have; show you the equipment you will be using, and fit you into one of our scheduled classes.

How difficult is it to learn to SCUBA dive?
Here's a test for you. Next time you are in a swimming pool, hold your nose, close your eyes and put your head under the water for a couple of seconds. If this process doesn't fill you with great anxiety or panic, you are ready to begin.

Do I have to be a good swimmer?
You must be a reasonably proficient swimmer, able to swim about 200 yards (using any stroke), and to stay afloat on water by treading water for 10 minutes.

Does it take a long time to get certified?
Not at all. The certification process takes place over only two weekends, during which time you will spend time in the classroom and in a swimming pool putting the theory into practice. All that remains is completion of four open water dives, (one additional weekend), in one of the Midwest's fine lake areas to become a certified open water diver!!

What do I learn in the classroom portion of the certification process?
In addition to learning about the equipment you will be using, you will also learn about the effect of pressure on the body as you dive; the amount of nitrogen absorbed into your body, and the essentials of safe diving.

What about the pool part of the training?
During this part of the certification process, you will learn how to assemble and get into your gear; how to check your dive buddy's equipment before entering the water, and mastering the skills you were taught in the classroom - breathing from a regulator, equalizing the water pressure, safe descent and ascent procedures, correct buoyancy, etc.

How about the open water dives?
If you made it this far, (which I know you will), the open water dives are simply an affirmation to the instructor that you have successfully mastered the basic skills that you learned in the pool portion of the training. There are no new skills to learn over and above what you have already learned. These dives are your first true adventure into the world of open water diving and are very enjoyable.

Will I have to buy a lot of equipment?
The only equipment you will need consists of a mask, snorkel and fins. The remaining equipment - buoyancy control device (BCD), tank, regulator, weight belt and wet suit will be furnished to you for the training.

Are there any age requirements?
You must be at least 12 years old. Students between the ages of 12 and 15 receive a junior certification (can only dive with a certified adult) that can be upgraded to a regular certification after age 15.

Okay, you've answered all of my questions...When can I get started?
Check out our schedule of classes, call us at (573) 442-3483, or stop by the store at 1414B Rangeline St, Columbia, Missouri to sign up. We look forward to meeting you.

Who is Diventures?

In October 2020, Diventures purchased Capt. Nemo’s from Dwain and Mary. Diventures is the nation’s largest and fastest-growing swim and swim center with six locations across four states. Diventures provides concierge-level customer service, offers state-of-the-art facilities, and teaches with best-in-class curriculum, training, and equipment. Diventures is committed to safety and fun in the water, as well as giving back to support local and global communities. Visit for more information.

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